OK…The Green and Gold is back

SO…what do you think so far of the NFL season? I’ve heard many opinions from “OMG this is weird” to “I love my Green and Gold”. Mixed feelings from it’s not the same that you can’t tailgate in Lambeau to people saying “who cares, I’m not a sports fan anyway”. The bottom line is the bottom line. Football is back. Although different it still gives the establishments a chance to safe distance the usually Sunday party. It gives local businesses a chance to deliver food, have pick up, etc. Even with the season being different and looking different on TV it’s STILL a football game and for many many fans that’s good enough. I do feel bad for the many businesses in Green Bay who have to be feeling the effects of the parking lot full of tailgaters. The beer and food sales at Lambeau. The Hotels filled up for game day. It WILL get better and hopefully things will get back to the “old days” in 2021. I had a friend tell me the ohter day that he didn’t think that the players look like they are playing hard at all. I watched the game today and not being a big sports fan I gotta tell you it looked the same as any other game other than the empty stands. I gotta admit that it doesn’t sound any different on the radio than any other season which is a good thing! Radio has always been theater of the mind anyway. Die hard fans will support regardless.