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Well, I guess I will climb on the band wagon and get my 2 cents in here. STAY HOME unless absolutely necessary that you have to go out for supplies, etc. You should have stocked up by now so if you did…stay home! We have just a couple people in our building now. We have…read more »

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Thank YOU

Our job is to supply you with the best, up to date information during this crisis.  We hope we’ve done that and we thank YOU for supplying us with the information.  We thank you for ALL the kind emails, phone calls, Facebook posts.  Your kind words of thanks makes us feel that we are doing…read more »


We’ll get through this…

In light of our world situation we are here to try to keep you informed locally as best we can.  With that please check our website daily for an updated list of information / cancellations, etc.   This is where local radio shifts in to high gear to try our best to supply the important information…read more »


TIME for spring!

Well…my body clock is a little messed up from the time change over the weekend.  I wonder how many actually FORGET to set them?   We jumped ahead and now there’s no “turning back” and it’s just about spring!  Big thing now is do we really need daylight saving?  Is it really an advantage?  Talks are…read more »


March Releases

A slim list but a few nice picks for your collection that are being released this month. March 13 Boomtown Rats, Citizens of Boomtown March 20 Def Leppard, The Early Years 79-81 Mike Campbell’s Dirty Knobs, Wreckless Abandon March 27 Cat Stevens, Matthew & Son (vinyl reissue) Gregg and Duane Allman, Early Allman; Hour Glass;…read more »

Pothole with gravel on damaged urban asphalt road


DON’T blame the County Workers, etc.  To me, that’s a crazy as blaming the clerk at the gas station for the gas prices!!!  There are many factors involved in fixing these teeth chattering holes in the road.  This time of year the weather is a huge factor.  I won’t go in to the science of…read more »

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