Will we get back to normal?

Or has life changed forever? It’s been a scary, crazy year! About 1 year ago life changed for all of us. For the rest of my days I will never forget being at work and having that “now what” feeling. A feeling of not knowing exactly what is going on. The feeling of “now what” when hearing about all of our wonderful Northwoods businesses having to totally re-work they way they do business. Yes, it’s been a weird, bad year but somehow we’ve adjusted. They scary part is will we ever have a normal like we remember? Will we ever go see some great live music like we used to do? So many wonderful venues in Wisconsin that we could go to and watch these incredible supergroups we grew up with, great current country music bands, They Hodag Festival, Summerfest? The vaccine is giving us all hope anyway and now the adage “time will tell” really kicks in. I really miss the summer events with people having such a great time. I’ve been to a lot of concerts over the years. The most fun I get to have is at the Hodag Fest in Rhinelander. So many people we get to see each year, working with the exceptional family and people at the Hodag. I love seeing the sea of people all dancing in the crowd and enjoying things and forgetting about the outside world for a couple days. I so pray and hope for our lives to get back to some kind of normal. Even if it’s a new normal. I hope for a lot of things that were taken away from us. Cross your fingers, say your prayers and I’m really hoping to see a lot of YOU folks again this summer. Oh ya…I’m really tired of fist bumps and elbow bumps…I miss handshakes and hugs! We’ll get there! Think positive and try to do your part.