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And…another 4th has come and gone

Well, it certainly was the 4th of July and this summer is RACING by for sure! Although I don’t think too many people will complain about getting rid of it quicker! Another 4th has come and gone but in my lifetime this one has to be the oddest in my years. No parades. Many communities…read more »

Drive in movie theater in Buena Vista CO

Drive In Theaters Making A Comeback?

Well…we talked about it with you on the air and on the phone last week. Jurassic Park was the number 1 movie in the Country last week. YES…THAT movie! It was shown at multiple drive in theaters across the country. With that our discussion turned to drive in’s that were once in the Northwoods. There…read more »

Happy fathers day background with greeting lettering and bow tie. Vector illustration

Fathers Day

Another Fathers Day has come and gone. I raised two Daughters completely on my own and I have to admit that this “holiday” is the closest to my heart. I wouldn’t change it for the world! I also am fortunate enough to receive thanks and gifts on Mothers Day which is very cool but Fathers…read more »


Smoked Meats

We all know that this time of year is HIGH GEAR for grilling. My new interest is that of the world of smoking meats. I’ve never done so and my interest is growing bigger. My problem is …what KIND of smoker to get? Electric, Wood, Pellets. As always with me I HATE decisions so the…read more »


OK…I’m a nerd

Not really sure why but spotting the satellite has become a thing for me. Maybe it’s the stay at home thing but I’m fascinated with spotting the satellite train. I’m I the only one?? I’ve always liked laying back and relaxing on the deck at night and staring up in the sky. Seeing the occasional…read more »


It’s COOKOUT season…

So what’s your absolute GO-TO most favorite thing to cook on the grill? Not only for the “delicious” factor but for prep as well. I have friends that pride themselves on the art of grilling. I guess we can ad smoking meats as well. It is an art. The way you marinate the meat, the…read more »

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