Fun for the entire family
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This is the weekend (Feb 3 & 4) for the St. Germain Radar Runs.  This is such a great mid-winter event which kicks off Friday with Radar Runs and Friday Night under the lights.  Then Saturday more runs as well as the grocery cart races AND the ever popular BIKINI RUN!  NOW...I love seeing these beautiful gals hitting the sled and speeding down the lane with the best of them BUT here are some things you may not know.  These women raise a LOT of money for local organizations.  Each woman raises money individualy to donate and run the track.  They not only raise the money BUT get on the sled in a BIKINI, mittens and a helmet.  It's COLD to even watch them but they are having FUN knowing they raised the money for great causes.  They take the time to raise the funds and get out there in the cold.  It's from the heart and they are to be saluted for their incredible efforts!  Fun to watch.  It takes place on Saturday the 4th at 2pm in St.Germain.  Kudos to these women (ok..they look pretty damn good in those bikinis) for going the extra 1/4 mile for the good of the community.  There are a lot of people that volunteer to get this event going each year and our hats are off to all of them as well.  Hope to see you in St. Germain.