I've been in the Northwoods since 1995.  Before that I was on 95.5 WIFC in Wausau for years.  As you see I don’t get around much.  Not the typical radio geek as I chose not to make U-Haul rich.  Since I’ve been in the Northwoods I have worked at many of our stations including starting out at 97.3 WHDG then going over to 100.1 WRHN and settling in on ROCK 105.3 WRLO.

I love ALL genres of music! if it’s good I'll listen.  From Funk to the 80’s and 90’s pop to Country and beyond.  I’ve ALWAYS been a huge fan of the old AOR days which is Album Oriented Rock which basically formed in to Classic Rock.

I absolutely LOVE working on ROCK 105.3 WRLO, LOVE the music and all the listeners are great to meet in person and interact with on the phone.  Someone asked me “how many more years do you wanna do this”?  My answer is simply “as long as my employers want me”.  Obviously, I love what I’m doing and love being with NRG Media and all the people I work with.  

Join me weekday afternoons from 2-6 on Northern Wisconsin’s Classic Rock Station ROCK 1053. WRLO.  Thanks for all the great years……so far.