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Next Up….Radar Runs in St. Germain

Coming up February 1st and 2nd in St. Germain DISCOVER WISCONSIN presents the annual RADAR RUNS. I LOVE this event. It’s like a city out on the ice. It all happensread more »


Not a good start to the New Year

‘Twasn’t a good start to 2019. We lost 4 folks this week. First, like them or not the Captain and Tennille had some pop hits years ago and were quite popular. Daryl Dragon (The Captain) passed away this week. Bob Einstein who recently was on Curb Your Enthusiasm passed. Bob also was well known for…read more »


Merry (cough cough) Christmas

I hope that Christmas was a joyous time with your family and friends. I look forward to Christmas every year as my 2 Daughters and I celebrate with different activities and the love of being together for a few days. This year fpr me??? Not so good. read more »


Kindness for Kids Toy Drive

‘Tis the season not for receiving but for GIVING. The 24th Annual Kindness for Kids Toy Drive is heading in to it’s last week in Oneida County. read more »


Alaska Earthquake Interview

NEVER AGAIN (well maybe) will I complain about the fact that we have no sun for days at a time. That it’s so cold out. That it’s snowing or raining. 7.0 Earthquakeread more »

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