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New Shows Kick Off Spring…and hopefully WARMER weather

Every once in a while we like to freshen things up SO…we’re kicking off a new weekend line-up which we’re VERY excited about. First off Saturday Nights are going to KICK ASS. Dee Snider’s HOUSE OF HAIR will run from 6pm to 9pm. Here’s the playlist from a show a few weeks ago. GUNS N’…read more »


Scam Calls (callers) SUCK!

Are you getting calls on your cellphones regarding a back brace? How about that car warranty? Where do these come from? Why can’t anything be done to STOP IT!? It’s almost daily. Now, I’ve heard that if you hit “9” to opt out of this you don’t opt out at all but it’s a way…read more »


The One and ONLY Yeti Fest

It’s the premiere year for a new Northern Wisconsin event. Lots of excitement brewing for Saturday February 23rd at Nicolet College in Rhinelander. Here’s all the details you’ll need. We’ll be broadcasting live from 11 to 1. Support this new event and stop out with the entire family. Here’s the details on what’s happening and…read more »

Snowy winter road behind an unrecognizable car

You wanted winter…well you got it

Well, maybe not ALL want a harsh winter (me included) but the last two weeks have been BRUTAL for those of us that just are not fans. I AM happy for all the businesses that count on this. Was very happy to see posts on Facebook last weekend that many businesses had a “record” weekend.…read more »


Not a good start to the New Year

‘Twasn’t a good start to 2019. We lost 4 folks this week. First, like them or not the Captain and Tennille had some pop hits years ago and were quite popular. Daryl Dragon (The Captain) passed away this week. Bob Einstein who recently was on Curb Your Enthusiasm passed. Bob also was well known for…read more »

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