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Glass jars filled with cold lemonade and baseball mitt with ball

Summer Is Off And Running

It’s great to see the UN-official kick-off to summer. Although what happened to our nice, hot weather?? Hopefully we’ll get back to it soon. It could be snowing. Such great Northwoods read more »

Concert with shooting on TV

THIS is American Idol

Another season is done on American Idol’s NEW year with a new network. I’ve got to tell you (and don’t call me crazy) that in past years I usually have made it the first 4 weeks or so and then lost interest. This year was different. read more »


Please Be Careful…It’s ROAD season again

Need I even have to remind everyone that it’s road construction season again? Watch out for the workers, pay attention, slow down when you see the SLOW signs and by all means stop if the flag person has a stop sign pointed at you. read more »


New Website New Look

I am SO proud to present to YOU a brand new look at wrlo.com. With Bob and Tom Show updates, Alice Cooper schedules, upcoming Midwest concertsread more »

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