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TREE laying on WRLO Tower

What a weekend!

WOW!  It was somewhat expected on Friday July 19 but not quite as bad as it got.  WRLO was knocked off the air at about 8pm.  The storm is one of the worst the Public Service workers have seen in 20 years.  As of Monday July 22 many people in the Elcho/Summit Lake areas are…read more »


Are you kidding me?!??!?!

So MORE THAN ONCE this past week I’ve actually heard people complaining about the heat and humidity!!  REALLY?!?!?  What is wrong with you?  Do you not remember the days of winter when you have to go out and brush off the car because there’s a foot of snow on the ground?  You have to put…read more »


Eddie Money…Thinking of you.

What is going on with our rockers?  First, Mick Jagger and now…Eddie Money!  Thank God Mick is OK.  Eddie goes in this week for a similar heart valve procedure.  Although it is being reported that it is non-invasive it’s still an issue with the heart so obviously I’m sure he’s not taking it lightly.  Of…read more »

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