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Brats and Cheese Curds

With this week having National Cheese Curd day in it I was wondering a few things.  First…National?  Do they celebrate cheese curds in other states like we do in Wisconsin?  Also, it seems another Wisconsin tradition, the bratwurst is expanding.  You hear more and more mention of those delicious tube steaks cropping up all over…read more »


Thank You!

I’ve been doing this for so many years now.  I won’t share how many because that will date me BUT I can tell you that it’s been a few.  In all those years I’ve met MANY wonderful people.  Listeners can be very fickle.  Especially back in my Top40 years.  You play one song and the…read more »


Congrats…We’re getting old(er)

So with so many of our Classic Rock stars passing away do you find yourself starting to think a little more about it than usual?  I remember years ago not even thinking about it.  Somehow it has a slight impact as of late.  With the passing of Eddie Money I actually deleted the Series DVR…read more »


Dan Rather interviews ROCK STARS?

It’s called The Big Interview with Dan Rather.  NEVER would I have thought these would be interesting.  Nothing against Dan Rather but I just never saw him as a rock fan nor someone who has been in the trenches of Vietnam that would conduct interviews with rock stars.  I gotta tell you….I was wrong.  These…read more »

ZOO BOO small


Can’t wait for this great event.  Saturday October 12th at Wildwood Wildlife Park in Minocqua no matter the weather!  It’s safe trick or treating with lots of vendors RIGHT IN the Zoo setting.  Shuttle bus from Minocqua Park Complex provided by Lake Of The Torches.  Get all the details at www.wrlo.com.  I’ve had the pleasure…read more »


To Flu…or not to Flu…THAT is the question!

OK…So I’m a big baby!  I HATE needles!  For the last 5 years I’ve been getting allergy shots once per month.  ONE in each arm.  I get so stressed when I head off to the Dr. and I start to sweat when I sit down and then they SHOW ME THE TWO SHOTS to make…read more »

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