“Gearing Up” For Crandon Raceway!  HUGE year coming up!

“Gearing Up” For Crandon Raceway! HUGE year coming up!

Headed to Crandon Raceway yesterday with NRG Media’s Laura Pukall for a meeting with the raceways Office Manager Tina Kulaf and the President of the Crandon Raceway Cliff Flannery.  We kicked back (in the quiet) and discussed the upcoming season. WOW!!!  HUGE things planned for the spring Brush Run the weekend of June 15 and you won’t believe what’s planned for Labor Day weekend!  It’s the 50th Anniversary of the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP races and Cliff told us there will be events happening all week.  From the traditional trail ride to the parade on Friday.  Which, by the way is going to be the biggest parade they’ve had in Crandon to date. Then, of course the 50th Anniversary of the World Championship on Saturday and Sunday.  Exciting news to hear yesterday and we will keep you updated as we get closer.  Not only all the great news but Cliff honored us with a tour of the 400 acres at Crandon.  A wonderful day spent with wonderful people. I can’t wait!  We’ll have tickets for giveaway, we’ll have tickets on the Marketplace and we are planning on spending many hours LIVE on location in Crandon this year!  I am absolutely amazed every year at the amount of work that is involved in putting on this World Class event.  Hope to see you at “The Big House” of off-road racing!

Keep checking the website:  www.crandonoffroad.com




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