What??  Summer is done??  It can’t be….

What?? Summer is done?? It can’t be….

I just looked at the calendar!!  What happened to summer??  Was it here?  It seems all the great events in the Northwoods haven’t happened yet!  It FLEW by!  Is it a product of getting older or did it go by like greased lightning for you too?  As always the summer events were great but…come on…it can’t be over yet?  I LOVE the fall season but I was hoping for a little more summer.  It seems that we are SO busy in the summer and then when things slow down after Labor Day a little it starts snowing!  I LOVE when people tell me “you’re lucky…you get to live in Gods Country”.  Really?  I never get to see it in the summer months!  Let’s hope we have a great Fall Season.  Up next …ZOO BOO in Minocqua Saturday October 13 at Wildwood Wildlife Park.

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Absolute GENIUS!

Absolute GENIUS!

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